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Jerry is a Year 12 student at Upper Canada College. He started his public speaking journey at the age of 13 through debating, and has since then had the chance to attend a multitude of tournaments, including Harvard World Schools, Western, McGill and Queen’s. Jerry’s most notable result was achieving the top break at the Queen’s High School Debate Championship with 14 of 15 possible points. He is a recipient of the Academic Tie at his school, distinguishing him as being part of the top 5% academically in his grade. Although he enjoys every class, Jerry’s favourite subjects are English and Biology. He’s currently in an internship program at a biology research lab at Mt. Sinai, where he is currently focused on learning about cancer immunology. 

Out of school, he is an active fencer—he’s on the U17 foil national team and placed third at the Canadian Nationals for his age group. He joined USG in March of 2022 as a mentor, and has since given the students more than 350 hours of combined teaching time. Jerry recognizes the importance of fostering public speech skills, and hopes to continue to spread his passion as the Intermediate Academics Coordinator.


Class A: Saturday 9:30-11:30 AM EST

Class B: Sunday 9:30-11:30 AM EST

Class A Term: September 17th - December 10th

Class B Term:  September 18th - December 11th

Where: Zoom

Total Sessions: 12

Cost: $60 CAD for the term *Financial Aid Applicable


  • Must be 12+ unless recommended by an instructor

  • Both Class A and Class B cover similar content,  just at different times of the week


The intermediate program was established for students that have exceeded the expectations of the activities offered in the general class and have shown greater initiative in participating, completing work, and demonstrating their public speaking skills. The intermediate program is a smaller group of students where more challenging activities and lessons are offered in hopes to bring more depth into different public speaking forms. The intermediate program is exploration oriented which means that different forms of public speaking such as MUN, debate styles, and DECA are covered.

Class A Schedule


Class B Schedule


Intermediate Program Mentors


Ian is a Grade 11 Student completing an International Baccalaureate Diploma at Upper Canada College. There, he holds leadership positions in many clubs and activities. Notably, he serves as the Junior Co-Editor in Chief for the school’s online publication The Blue and White. Ian has had ample experience as a mentor at USG and as a private tutor. Ian hopes to use his academic prowess, his leadership skills, his comfort in public speaking and his experience working with younger students to help the USG Intermediate branches succeed.


  • Two-time Academic Tie recipient at Upper Canada College

    • Recognizes students in the top %5 of their grade based on overall average

  • Assistant Head of Registration for the World Affairs Conference 

    • North America's largest student-run current events conference​


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