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Lillian Xue

About Lillian

Lillian Xue is a student currently attending Branksome Hall. She is passionate about public speaking, specifically MUN and debate, leading her to participate in a number of tournaments and MUN conferences where she gained extensive experience. Her most notable achievement is being a finalist at Georgetown Fall PF Tournament. Aside from participating in tournaments as a debater, she has hosted a debate tournament for novice debaters while also judging at various tournaments. She is familiar with a number of debate formats including British Parliamentary, Canadian Parliamentary, CNDF, Public Forum, and Worlds Schools. Lillian is a debate executive at her school and enjoys working with younger students. 

Outside of school, she enjoys reading and annotating books, playing instruments, and listening to music and occasionally podcasts. Additionally, she is passionate about topics such as international relations and politics and loves to gain knowledge in these specific areas. She looks forward to building interest in public speaking by channeling her own interest into the community to strive for a larger impact. 

Competitive Classes


Competitive Debate: Monday 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST

Competitive MUN: Thursdays 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST 

Debate Term: September 12th - December 5th 

MUN Term: September 15th - December 8th 

Where: Zoom

Requirement: Age 12+, application required

 Total Sessions: 12 

Cost: $60 CAD for the term *Financial Aid Applicable 


  • Must be 12+ unless recommended by an instructor (application required)

This course expands on everything taught in the intermediate classes, and puts a specialized focus on Model UN. Students learn even more about Model UN, and begin to compete in MUN competitions representing USG. Classes are taught by mentors who have many accolades and national recognition in the world of Model UN. In Model UN, students represent different countries and engage in debate based on various topics. This class is perfect for those who are interested in going into diplomacy and foreign trade. 


MUN Schedule


Debate Schedule


Competitive Program Mentors


Fiona Shen is a student currently attending Havergal College. She has had lots of public speaking experiences involving debate and MUN. Her passion for public speaking has channelled into different leadership positions such as being the head of Debate, MUN executive at her school, and writer. She is also the founder of her school’s public speaking club and was part of a debate organization that has hosted debate rounds and debate tournaments. Fiona channels her passion in MUN and debate through judging and chairing at conferences and tournaments. Outside of school, she enjoys playing ice hockey and has recently engaged in rugby. She hopes to channel her passion for public speaking into something that can help other members of the community to succeed in public speaking. 

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Fiona Shen


  • Harvard Global Model United Nations,, Best Delegate (2021)

  • Oxford Global Model United Nations, Best Delegate (2021)

  • Oxford Global Model United Nations, WHO, Outstanding Delegate (2020)

  • Canadian Annual Highschool Model United Nations, Best delegate (2021)

  • Canadian Annual International Highschool Model United Nations (CAIMUN), WHO, Best delegate (2021) 

  • Winner of the Georgetown’s Spring Public Forum Debate Tournament (2021)

  • Semifinalist of the Georgetown's Fall public Forum Debate Tournament (2021) 

  • Semifinalist of the Georgetown’s Fall Public Forum Debate Tournament (2020)

  • Semifinalist of Duke Invitational Public Forum Tournament (2021) 

  • Top 5 speakers at the Georgetown's Fall public Forum Debate Tournament (2021) 

  • Double-Octofinalist of the 47th Annual Harvard National Forensics Tournament (2021)

  • Octofinalist of the 35th Annual Stanford Invitational Forensics Tournament (2021)

  • Octofinalist of the Georgetown’s Fall Public Forum 2019)

  • Octofinalist at the Yale University Invitational Public Forum Debate Tournament (2021)

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