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United Speakers Impact is USG’s first ever event. There were approximately 60 people who attended the event. This includes members from the Toronto, Markham, and Oakville branch, as well as members from others clubs in the GTA. We had an amazing speaker, Deborah Ojo come in to speak with all the attendees about social justice issues, highlighting micro aggressions.  This event was a way to inspire and shed light to everyone about what they can do for our community, making an impact on their lives. - Prentice Hui, Impact Event Organizer

March 2021
Our Guest Speaker
Deborah Ojo

Deborah is a grade 11 student  at Holy Trinity School. She is a co-leader of the HTS Diversity and Equity Council, the Ministry of Children Of Purpose Foundation and more. Deborah is passionate about social justice. 

Oakville and Toronto

At USG, we will be running many different parent info nights in accordance with each branch. This allows us to better connect with parents and provide more information about our classes, upcoming events and questions directly. On April 18th, 5:00-7:00 PM, parent info sessions (Oakville branch) will be held to get to know more about USG and speak individually with one of our presidents and executives! Parents will also have the opportunity to attend the first 2 free trial classes!

USG Oakville is the most recently established branch that stems from USG. USGO is led by a team of dedicated, hard-working and entertaining student-leaders who work tirelessly to ensure that our weekly meetings run smoothly.

April 25th 2021
Who is USG Oakville?

2 Free trial classes are available

Date: Every Sunday from 5:00-7:00 

Location: Google Meet 

Price: $10 per class

This year, we will have an extension to our spring session. Our new system for the extension includes two levels. The general level as usual, and our NEW intermediate level where we will focus on developing the public speaking skills needed in high school and on. With our two new Harvard debate-winning teachers for our intermediate level, students are sure to be inspired by their exceptional words of wisdom. Click on “About” to find out more!

extension registration


This coming May 29th, we will be having our United Speakers Inspire event at USG. After a long year since the beginning of the pandemic, we want to motivate youth and bring passion into their life. As a result, a new guest speaker will be brought forward to speak to our youth on global issues, aiming to make

May 29th 2021

Stay tuned for more updates!