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USG Initiate is USG’s first EVER in-person event. We have over 400 students from grades 4-8 participating. We are very grateful to Christ the King CES for having us over the two days. During this event, we run multiple workshops introducing the students to public speaking. From talking about the basics to developing strong critical thinking, these workshops aim to engage the interest of all students to the world of public speaking. In addition, we wanted to introduce and further strengthen leadership for grades 7&8. Overall, it is our goal to reach the passion of public speaking to as many individuals as possible, and this event is the start of building that foundation for future generations.

May 24th-25th 2022
Our Guest Speaker
Cathey Armillas

Cathey Armillas is an international speaker, marketing expert and TED Talk Trainer. She has coached teams from Nickelodeon, Nike, and Intel, and is award-winning author.  Armillas has also given a TEDx Talk with over 10k viewers


On January 30th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm ET, we hosted yet another event — United Speakers Innovate — this time led by our Markham branch and Operations team. Having recently had our international branches established, we took this opportunity to further our impact, reaching students in countries as far as Kuwait and Shanghai. With over 300 attendees representing 9 countries, this event was a huge success, effectively accomplishing our goal to "innovate."Currently, the Innvoate Event is one of the largest USG-led projects, succeeding both the Inspire and Impact Events. The attendees had the opportunity to attend an hour-long workshop led by globally recognized TED and speech coach, Cathey Armillas, where they gained invaluable knowledge on how to "rock a talk." Furthermore, the students participated in fun activities, contended in an exciting speech competition, and won prizes ranging from tuition vouchers to $50 gift cards!

January 30th 2022
USGM Innovate Event.png
Our Guest Speaker
Max Hu

Max Hu is a high school student at Holy Trinity School. He is very involved at his school as he is the Founder of the TEDed club, Head of Training for MUN, Head of Marketing for HTSMUN and executive for DECA. He is a strong speaker as he has won international awards in DECA, Model UN, and debate. Max is the current president of the organization, dedicating 1000+ hours to help grow the impact of United Speakers on the community. 

On May 29th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, we hosted our second United Speakers event: Inspire. After a long year since the beginning of the pandemic, we wanted to motivate youth and bring passion into their life. The event was a success, with over 40 attendees, and we are delighted to have heard about what motivates our students and to see how public speaking impacted their lives during the pandemic. 

The Inspire Event succeeded the Impact Event back in March. We were so excited to have another amazing speaker, more activities such as Kahoots and discussion debates. Fun prizes were also handed out to participants!! 

May 29th 2021
"Sweaty hands, sweaty legs, and stuttering"

United Speakers Impact is USG’s first ever event. There were approximately 60 people who attended the event. This includes members from the Toronto, Markham, and Oakville branch, as well as members from others clubs in the GTA. We had an amazing speaker, Deborah Ojo come in to speak with all the attendees about social justice issues, highlighting micro aggressions.  This event was a way to inspire and shed light to everyone about what they can do for our community, making an impact on their lives. - Prentice Hui, Impact Event Organizer

Our Guest Speaker
Deborah Ojo

Deborah is a grade 11 student  at Holy Trinity School. She is a co-leader of the HTS Diversity and Equity Council, the Ministry of Children Of Purpose Foundation and more. Deborah is passionate about social justice. 

March 2021