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Q1: How will the classes run? Will there be one specific topic for each class?

A: Although the club is running in a virtual style, the agenda we are using is the same as the onsite way prior to COVID-19. There are many opportunities for members to practice their public speaking skills, including 'Table Topics', speeches, leadership roles, and fun activities.  Each meeting has a few students who will give speeches, and when the speaker is talking, the evaluators listen carefully and write down feedback. After the speech, feedback is given by a peer.

There are also multiple chances for the students to debate, either one to one, or in groups ranging from 3-6 members. 

There are both adult and volunteer mentors that attend every class, aiding the students' process. The mentors will guide the exec team to organize the events,  and also will share their experience on public speaking and leadership. These mentors have rich experience in public speaking and leadership. 

Q2:How can I sign up?

A:Simply fill out the USG registration form that is found on each branch page. You will then receive a zoom ID along with regular class information. You will also be added to a WeChat/Whatsapp group for  “USG Parent Info”. 

Q3: What are the suitable ages? What are the class sizes? 

A: The classes are intended for 8-18-year-olds. Usually, the class sizes consist of around 10-15, however, the maximum amount is 25. We have an exceptional leader to student ratio of around 4:1

Q4:What is the cost? 

A:All costs are in CAD (Canadian dollars). The cost for each branch can be seen on the branch pages

Q5: How can I pay during COVID?

A: Send an E-transfer to your respective branch email! (ex.


What for? USG2021


After sent, please reach out to your respective branch leader for confirmation of payment.

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