United speakers gavel club is a great learning opportunity where youth are able to develop their public speaking skills and take lead in our class activities. We provide a safe space where mistakes are welcome to help us learn and grow. Every class, we have our mentors teach engaging lessons about how to structure a speech, persuade an audience, etc. As a class president, I help oversee the club meets and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Over the course this term, I have noticed a huge difference in the students’ confidence from the first class compared to our current one.


- Wendy Li, Class President




Max Hu

Penny Batey

Free trial classes are available!!

Weekly classes: every Saturday 5:30-7:30 pm

Takes place via Zoom
12 sessions total
Last Meeting: June 14
$60/Spring Term

United Speakers Impact Event: Toronto


United Speakers Impact is USGC’s first ever event. There were approximately 60 people who attended the event. This includes members from the Toronto, Markham, and Oakville branch, as well as members from others clubs in the GTA. We had an amazing speaker, Deborah Ojo come in to speak with all the attendees about social justice issues, highlighting micro aggressions.  This event was a way to inspire and shed light to everyone about what they can do for our community, making an impact on their lives.


- Prentice Hui, Impact Event Organizer

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