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Our philosophy:

United Speakers was founded to provide an enriching environment for youth to develop their public speaking skills. We have realized that the most effective learning environments are ones where youth learn from youth. Our philosophy surrounds this “Youth Lead Youth” framework and it provides a unique opportunity for students to grow and lead. Our organization is completely youth led, with a massive network of 100+ executives across several cities. All of our student leaders are committed to bringing the best possible experience for our members, while  maintaining our goal of helping each student find their inner voice. 


Renee Wen.JPEG

Renee Wen
Director of International Program  


Renee Wen is a student attending St. Robert Catholic High School. She is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program to further enhance her learning. Renee is active in her school community, taking on the role of media coordinator on her school’s Social Justice Council, participating in DECA, debate, and writing for her school’s newspaper. These experiences have maximized her leadership, public speaking, and collaborative skills.


At United Speakers Global, Renee has helped kickstart 4 branches by leading branch meetings, communicating with branch founders, and creating meeting minutes to record the contents covered in the meeting. Renee looks forward to the growth of USG and she will work hard to fulfill her role as director!

Wendy  (1).png

Wendy Li
Director of Operations

Wendy Li is a student enrolled at Richmond Hill High School. In school, she has taken an active role in various school clubs and activities, such as TED-Ed, debate, JOT, athletic council, and the golf team. 

Furthermore, she has previously been a part of a local public speaking club where she helped with leading the classes and overseeing the funds, an experience that has helped develop her leadership abilities. Wendy was able to implement and utilize these skills in her role at USG as an Operations Director. 

Within the organization, Wendy has taken on numerous tasks from co-leading a branch to teaching lessons to organizing an event with a world-renowned keynote speaker. She continues to strive to improve efficiency and organization across the different teams, and hopes to expand USG’s impact globally. 


Samantha Kwan
Director of Academics

Samantha Kwan is a student at Streetsville Secondary School. There, she is a part of the announcements team, her school council, DECA, as well as club founder and president of the podcast club. Samantha uses these experiences and roles to further her prowess in public speaking and leadership. 

As USG’s director of Academics, Samantha has a thorough understanding of how to work with students as well as guide them in their public speaking journey, whether it’s working with them directly or curating content and lesson plans to keep students engaged. Throughout her time at the organization, Samantha has remained motivated through the immense joy she feels in seeing the success and progress of her students.
In her spare time, Samantha can be found casually strumming her guitar, listening to music or knitting an assortment of garments for no one in particular. Samantha is determined to help USG make lasting positive effects on the community through the teaching of public speaking!

Raeka He.PNG

Raeka He
Director of Expansion

Raeka He is a grade 12 student at Havergal College, in Toronto, Canada. Raeka aspires to bring new insights and implement change to better her community. As Founder of The EduFirst Group, she supports and empowers all students with educational resources and opportunities, hoping to reduce injustice and promote equity. 


At her school, she is a member of a variety of clubs and community partnerships such as DECA, FBLA, and HOSA, and she will be leading as the Head of Art Club for a second year. Raeka has earned the Award of Distinction for all three of her years at Havergal, and she was also the recipient of the Dorothy O’Dell Memorial Prize for Mathematics in Grade 11. 


Outside of school, Raeka is not only a piano and badminton enthusiast, but also a recently-developed public speaking lover. Raeka is incredibly honoured to also serve as a 2022-2023 Media Coordinator at Ontario DECA and the Chapter President of Target Alpha at her school. 


Her achievements in the music and business field include earning the First Place Award in the Canadian International Music Competition, Second Place Chinese Music Award in the United States International Music Competition, FBLA Canada CNLC National Finalist for Business Plan, Ontario DECA Finalist for Entrepreneurship Independent Business Plan, and more. 


Furthermore, Raeka gained valuable experiences when she studied Economic Development at Harvard University last summer, as a student of the pre-college program. These experiences have well prepared Raeka to face new challenges and put forth her best effort to fulfill USG's mission. 


In Raeka’s spare time, she can often be found exploring new art mediums, watching movies, or travelling with her daily bubble tea routine. 


Raeka envisions her contributions to United Speakers Global’s utmost success in 2022-2023, as the Director of Expansions. If you have any questions or if you would just like to chat please feel free to contact her on social media or through email at

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