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About Sunethma

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Sunethma is a grade 12 student attending J Clarke Richardson Collegiate. She began public speaking in the 7th grade through volunteering to emcee her elementary school's monthly assemblies and taking part in the school announcements team. Being passionate about public speaking led her to delve into many roles that require her to speak with different audiences, whether this may be guests at her local museum or student volunteers at the youth-led organization she runs (The Kindness Rays Project).


Throughout her time speaking at various concerts and ceremonies, she faced many challenges and successes that gave her the opportunity to experience first-hand the many situations students may go through when public speaking. Sunethma hopes to take these experiences and use them to guide USG mentors to help prepare our students to be the best possible speakers they can be, equipped for any situation.

Sunethma Munasinghe


Class A: Wednesday 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM ET

Class B: Sunday 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET

Class A Term: January 10, 2024 - March 6, 2024

Class B Term: January 13, 2024 - March 9, 2024

Total Sessions: 9 weeks 

Where: Zoom

Cost: $60 for the term


  • Both Class A and Class B cover same content, just at different times of the week


For ages 8-12, the general class was established to teach students about public speaking, writing, and presentation fundamentals. Lessons and fun class activities on the basics of reading, writing, and public speaking are classroom staples to keep students learning, engaged, and participating! Classes are taught by mentors who have skills and experience in language, as well as experience teaching children, with classes often breaking off into smaller groups to provide more attention and meaningful feedback to students in a safe and controlled environment.

General Schedule

General Program Mentors


Jason is a pre-IB student enrolled at St. Robert Catholic High School. He is an all-around student with many areas of expertise but a penchant especially for public speaking and debate. Jason has been debating since the start of high school and has quickly grown to appreciate the unique tournament environment, leading to a top 10 placement at the Burnaby Cup CNDF tournament. Beyond CNDF, he is also well-versed in other styles of debate including WSDC, BP and Procon. His team was the runner ups in the PEO National Engineering Month Virtual Engineering Competition senior division. Jason has extensive experience in education, tutoring a variety of subjects including English and French. He takes pride in forging meaningful connections with other students and helping them achieve their fullest potential.  In his spare time, Jason enjoys a variety of hobbies including coding, binge watching YouTube, playing basketball, playing and listening to music but most predominantly: taking naps. He is excited to bring his experiences and knowledge to USG, hoping to continue to make debate a fun and exciting experience to pursue for everyone. 

Jason Huang.HEIC


  • ESL Finalist at 2022 UPenn World Schools Debate Tournament

  • 5th ESL speaker at 2022 UPenn World Schools Debate Tournament

  • Junior Finalist at 2021 Spring UWaterloo Tournament

  • Novice champion at Procon Tournament

  • 2nd place speaker at 2021 Procon Tournament 

  • Provincial finalist in 2021 DECA 

Jason Huang

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