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 Samantha Kwan is a 10th grade student at Streetsville Secondary School. There, she is a part of the announcements team, her school council, as well as club founder and president of the podcast club. Samantha uses these experiences and roles to further her prowess in public speaking and leadership. Outside of school, she enjoys playing guitar, listening to music and knitting. Samantha is determined to help USG make lasting positive effects on the community through the teaching of public speaking!

Samantha Kwan


Class A: Thursday 4:30 - 6:30 PM EST

Class B: Saturday 5:30 - 7:30 PM EST

Where: Zoom

Term: March 31 - June 2

Total Sessions: 8

Cost: $40 for the term



  • Both Class A and Class B cover similar content, just at different times of the week


For ages 8-12, the general class was established to teach students about public speaking, writing, and presentation fundamentals. Lessons and fun class activities on the basics of reading, writing, and public speaking are classroom staples to keep students learning, engaged, and participating! Classes are taught by mentors who have skills and experience in language, as well as experience teaching children, with classes often breaking off into smaller groups to provide more attention and meaningful feedback to students in a safe and controlled environment.

Class A Schedule

Class B Schedule

General Program Mentors


Sunethma Munasinghe is a grade 11 student at J Clarke Richardson Collegiate. At school, she gained the opportunity to develop both her leadership and public speaking skills by taking part in various school activities and events. These include emceeing school-wide events, leading online workshops and game days, as well as taking part in DECA. Outside of school, Sunethma enjoys watching loads of television, reading books and creating art. She loves public speaking and is excited to aid other students improve their skills and have fun!

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Sunethma Munasinghe

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