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United Speakers is more than an opportunity to develop your public speaking skills, it is also an opportunity for the youth to interact with each other and gain skill sets such as leadership, collaboration, and critical thinking which are going to be eternally applicable to everyday life. Every class is a chance for members to push themselves to overcome the challenges and struggles with a supportive executive team by their side. We hope that United Speakers is able to transform the way the youth view public speaking and will work relentlessly to help students feel comfortable presenting their thoughts and opinions to an audience.

- Cherry Wu, Founder of Shanghai Branch 


Shanghai BRANCH


Cherry Wu Headshot


Weekly classes: Fridays 7:00 - 9:00 PM CST

Where: Zoom

Term: 5 Classes*

Cost: free 

* After each term, there will be a review class that allows the students to have a refresher on what they have learned in order to continuously rebuild their skills.  This is known as the '"infinite curriculum structure". 

  • USG Shanghai is debate oriented as debate training is highly demanded in Shanghai

  • Students will get to focus on a particular skill each lesson (i.e. rebuttals, arguments. organization, etc.) 

  • The class ends of with a 1 hour debate with peers, with teacher feedback



Cherry Wu

Who is USG Shanghai?

USG Shanghai is a new program that aims to spread awareness toward the importance and significance of public speaking skills and hopes to help develop a more confident and intellectual community across Asia. This program is open to all age levels and will be potentially separated into different levels based on the pre-existing abilities of students. Unlike traditional learning programs, USG Shanghai hopes to help students thrive in public speaking by using creative and unconventional modes of teaching in order to help members advance with the support of our driven and welcoming executive team!

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