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Image by Masrur Rahman

“United Speakers is a great platform for youth to hone their public speaking skills and cultivate leadership qualities. We aim to provide a fun environment for students to voice their ideas and gain confidence in the process. As President, it is exciting to see students give it their best and grow through each session. I too have learnt a lot while working with the rest of the team and overseeing meetings.”​

- Sanjna Ravindranath, Founder of USG Kuwait Branch





Sanjna Ravindranath


USG Kuwait is a branch of USG. With an enthusiastic student group, USG Kuwait brings together a diverse youth for a common cause. In the capable hands of our experienced student mentors and an enterprising team, students are sure to gain knowledge and experience from the activities. Through our resources, we hope to help students develop the required skills for being an effective speaker. Kuwait is a small country at Arabian Gulf with around 4.4 million people. There is limited forum within the school and outside for these children to develop their communication & interactive skills. Even the locals look for top Universities for their child’s education. Although there are schools which provide guidance and prepare children to get into top Universities abroad, there are limited opportunities to get to know the global community. Setting up such a branch would be a stepping stone towards fulfilling the shortcomings.

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