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Public Speaking

Meets Confidence

A club for ambitious students who want to improve one of the most important communication skills, public speaking


United Speakers Global offers students an opportunity to practice and improve their public speaking skills with activities such as speeches, impromptu games, and leadership activities. USG also provides lessons including how to debate, persuade an audience, and structure a speech. With many leadership roles, the club offers students the experience of leading the class. USG hosts cross club events with guest speakers and friendly competitions to encourage students to participate and speak in a bigger environment. At USG, the aim is to foster and grow the next generation of youth leaders by empowering and inspiring students to find their voice.

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United Speakers is a 100% youth lead public speaking organization. We have over 40 youth executives across all of our branches working together to provide enriching experiences for our members. We believe that students learn best from a like-minded youth perspective, and USG can provide a unique opportunity to build future leaders. 

Youth Led 

In collaboration with United Speakers Global, Fearless is an app for a public speaking community who hopes to master their confidence on stage or in front of a camera. The Fearless App will be dedicated to helping others improve their public speaking skills.


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At a time like this, we want to provide students with an opportunity to continue to learn. With community centers and schools closed, we encourage students to continue to stay engaged virtually. Currently, we are offering low-cost Zoom lessons as a way to give back to the community.

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