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Programming Console



Daniel Shen

Director of Software Development

Daniel is a grade 12 student at Holy Trinity School. He is passionate about public speaking, having attended various MUN conferences. He also enjoys both programming and math, and has qualifications in the national competitive field in each. He is proficient in a variety of programming languages and is currently co-founding an organization for math education & games alongside being fully committed to USG. Through USG’s Fearless, Daniel looks to combine his interests into one big project that he’s more than excited to be a part of.


Ethan Atangan


Ethan Atangan is a grade 12 student at Holy Trinity School. With a strong interest in programming, technology, and problem solving, he enjoys learning new concepts and challenging himself by competing in coding and mathematics competitions. Having experience in coding in various languages such as Python, C, Java, and Javascript, he’s excited to work on a bigger project along with other developers, as well as being able to test his knowledge and thinking in developing Fearless.


Oscar Pang


Oscar Pang is a grade 11 student at Holy Trinity School. At his school, he has participated in clubs like the Tennis club, DECA, MUN, and led clubs such as the math club and the coding club. He is very passionate about technologies and computer science. Oscar decided to join the Fearless project team at USG, taking on the role of an app developer, to challenge and improve his skills in software development. 


Jeffrey Qin


Jeffrey Qin is a grade 12 student at Bayview Secondary School. He is deeply passionate about mathematics and computer science, holds top awards in several national math contests, and possesses a level of proficiency in programming languages such as Java and C-sharp. He currently leads the school math and physics club, plays for the school tennis team, and owns an instagram art account. At USG, Jeffrey looks forward to working with his team to expand his knowledge in programming and contribute to creating the future of public speaking.

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