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“I moved to Cincinnati two years ago. Moving here was a drastic contrast to where I have lived for 13 years of my life— Shanghai. Shanghai is an international center, whereas Cincinnati is more local; I went to a private British school in Shanghai, whereas I now go to a public school called Sycamore. Shanghai is enriched in debate and public speaking, where almost EVERY parent signs kids up for public speaking classes, starting from extremely young ages; Cincinnati does not even have established debate or public institutions, the debate club in Sycamore was only founded this year. Although I coach Public Forum debate for kids in Toronto, and used to coach public speaking for kids in China, my local influence feels limited. I wanted to create a USG branch in Ohio not only to teach the kids these fundamental skills, but also provide a great learning opportunity for other youth that want to do the same.”

- Emma Chi, Founder of USG Ohio Branch




emma chi.jpg

Emma Chi


USG Ohio is a newly developed branch of USG that expanded USG to the United States. USG Ohio accomplishes all the central goals of USG— implementing youth to youth programs in an effort to teach central skills including public speaking and team building. Cincinnati is one of the biggest cities in Ohio, a metropolis known for its history, art, and culture.  Along with a friendly community, Ohio is very different from the commonly perceived “boring midwest suburb”. However, public speaking is more foreign in Cincinnati compared to many other bigger cities including Shanghai and Toronto. Therefore, the goal of USG is to popularize it, and introduce it to youth who were never taught it structurally in school. 

Please email if you are interested in joining or have questions

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