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In collaboration with United Speakers Global, Fearless is an app for a public speaking community who hopes to master their confidence on stage or in front of a camera. The Fearless App will be dedicated to helping others improve their public speaking skills.


Through the app, you will be able to learn various aspects of public speaking with handmade lessons from United Speakers Global to improve your strength and confidence in speaking for an audience. Users can also practice their speaking by recording a speech and listening and analyzing to it after. Fearless reports on filler words after the recording. You can customize which filler words you want to be detected for a personalized experience.


Learn, practice, and improve your public speaking with Fearless.

United Speakers Global, our parent organization, is a non-profit, student-led organization that aims to help youth improve their public speaking skills through lessons, activities, and practice sessions. USG provides support to its participants so that they can become more comfortable with speaking in front of an audience, as well as improving crucial skills they may need in the future.


With the goal of improving students’ public speaking in mind, Fearless was born as a resource to be used either independently or as an accompaniment to USG’s resources. With this app, students can learn and practice the skills they need to succeed. The goal of the app is to provide students with a new method of practice, both inside and out of the classroom. Students can access USG learning materials, practice their speech on their own time and personalize their feedback with custom filler word detection.


Fearless aims to bring success to your public speaking endeavours and elevate your speaking.

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Access custom resources to improve your speaking

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Customize filler words and choose which filler words to detect 

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Learn from your mistakes, and view commonly used filler words

Record your speakings and view previous recordings