Our philosophy:

United Speakers was founded to provide an enriching environment for youth to develop their public speaking skills. We have realized that the most effective learning environments are ones where youth learn from youth. Our philosophy surrounds this “Youth Lead Youth” framework and it provides a unique opportunity for students to grow and lead. Our organization is completely youth led, with a massive network of 100+ executives across several cities. All of our student leaders are committed to bringing the best possible experience for our members, while  maintaining our goal of helping each student find their inner voice. 



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Wendy Li
Director of Operations

Leena Han
Director of International Program  


Prentice Hui

Director of Academics

Jessica Shum

Director of Expansion

Leena Han is a student at Our Lady Queen of the World Catholic Academy. She has lots of experience in public speaking and leadership as she is currently involved in DECA, Prospective Medical Professionals (PuMP), Youth Political Assembly (YPA) and the Athletic Council. Leena is the VP of International Program and hopes to gain more leadership experience while helping the younger members of USG reach their full public speaking potential. 

Wendy Li is a student at Lake Wilcox Public School. She has gained lots of experience in public speaking through undertaking leadership roles at USG and helping organize the IHome Public Speaking Club. She has been a student at USG for a full term and is now leading the class meets. 

Prentice Hui is a student at Our Lady Queen of the World Catholic Academy. He is a member of the school’s athletic council and DECA. Prentice has directed many USG related events in his time as Director of Academics. As a successful leader, he hopes to continuously improve the USG expereince. He hopes to gain leadership experience while improving his public speaking skills. 

Jessica Shum is a student at Holy Trinity School. She participates in many school clubs and committees, such as Law Society, TedEd and Public Relations. She also participates in many school and club sports, such as volleyball, field hockey and fencing. As a strong leader, writer and graphic designer, she successfully leads the expansion team. Jessica looks forward to continuing down the path of leadership. 

Academics Team

Samantha K.JPG

Samantha Kuan


Lianna Xue Headshot

Lianna Xue


Oscar Head Shot
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Oscar Jiang

Fiona Shen

Operations Team

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Charlie Zhao

Andrew Jin Headshot

Andrew Jin


Jeffrey Liu


Kalyana Lee


Expansions Team

Laurel Ruan Headshot

Laurel Ruan


Scott Su Headshot

Scott Su


Angela Jin Headshot
Camille Zhou.PNG

Angela Jin

Camille Zhou


IP Team

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Renee Wen


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Mulin Yan


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Emma Chi

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Previous Executives





  • Krystal Li (Director)

  • Jessica Shum (Director)

  • Scott Su (Coordinator) 

  • Laurel Ruan (Coordinator) 

  • Angela Jin 

  • Prentice Hui (Director)

  • Lianna Xue (Coordinator)

  • n/a