Our philosophy:

United Speakers was founded to provide an enriching environment for youth to develop their public speaking skills. We have realized that the most effective learning environments are ones where youth learn from youth. Our philosophy surrounds this “Youth Lead Youth” framework and it provides a unique opportunity for students to grow and lead. Our organization is completely youth led, with a massive network of 40+ executives across several cities. All of our student leaders are committed to bringing the best possible experience for our members, while  maintaining our goal of helping each student find their inner voice. 


Krystal Li

Director of Operations

Krystal Li is a grade 10 student at Our Lady Queen of the World Catholic Academy. She is a member of MUN and has a lot of experience in public speaking and leadership. She was the president at the IHome Public Speaking Club for two years and the president at USG for one term. Krystal became a mentor at USG and is currently taking on greater roles within the organization to grow and develop the club.

Prentice Hui

Director of Academics

Prentice Hui is a grade 10 student at Our Lady Queen of the World Catholic Academy. He is a member of the school’s athletic council and DECA. Prentice has directed many USG related events in his time as Director of Academics. As a successful leader, he hopes to continuously improve the USG expereince. He hopes to gain leadership experience while improving his public speaking skills. 

Jessica Shum

Director of Expansion

Jessica Shum is a grade 11 student at Holy Trinity School. She participates in many school clubs and committees, such as Law Society, TedEd and Public Relations. She also participates in many school and club sports, such as volleyball, field hockey and fencing. As a strong leader, writer and graphic designer, she successfully leads the expansion team. Jessica looks forward to continuing down the path of leadership. 


Operations Team

Leena Han

Head of International Program  

Leena Han is a grade 10 student at Our Lady Queen of the World Catholic Academy. She has lots of experience in public speaking and leadership as she is currently involved in DECA, Prospective Medical Professionals (PuMP), Youth Political Assembly (YPA) and the Athletic Council. Leena is the VP of International Program and hopes to gain more leadership experience while helping the younger members of USG reach their full public speaking potential. 

Steven Wang

Head of Logistics  

Steven Wang is a grade 10 student at AY Jackson Secondary School. He was a part of the Student Council throughout middle school as well as a grade rep for grade 9. Through being an executive at the debate club in his school, he has a lot of experience in leadership and public speaking. He has been a part of USG for a couple months, during which, he has taken on the President role for one term and is now taking on other executive roles.

Siddhant Kharat

Head of Communications

Siddhant Kharat is a grade 11 student at Holy Trinity School. At his school, he is the Head Delegate of the Model United Nations Club and the Chief of Staff for the second Holy Trinity School Model UN Conference. He is also the captain of his Cricket team. With his passion for public speaking, he is excited to be the Head of Communications. He looks forward to creating a lasting impact on the community and helping others.

Wendy Li

Toronto President

Wendy Li is a grade 8 student at Lake Wilcox Public School. She has gained lots of experience in public speaking through undertaking leadership roles at USG and helping organize the IHome Public Speaking Club. She has been a student at USG for a full term and is now leading the class meets. 

Expansion Team

Scott Su

Head of Marketing  

Scott Su is a grade 11 student from Holy Trinity School. He has a variety of leadership experiences including being the marketing executive for Junior Achievement Canada, and the TEDed club at his school. Additionally, Scott also participates in many clubs and sports in and out side school including DECA, Model UN, swimming, and badminton. Scott is hoping to used his passion and experience in public speaking and marketing to lead USG into the best version it could possibly be.

Laurel Ruan

Head of Publicity   

Laurel Ruan is a grade 11 student at Holy Trinity School. She involves herself in the school community by participating in sports teams and clubs. Laurel has been a member of Public Relations, Fashion Forward, Social Committee, Art Council and the Environmental Club. She plays basketball, tennis and has been a competitive dancer for 5 years. With her passions in art and design, Laurel is taking on the role of Head of Publicity. She is looking forward to gaining leadership experience and being actively involved in furthering USG’s impact. 

Tristan So

Head of Promotions  

Tristan So is a grade 11 student at Holy Trinity School. Throughout highschool, he has had an active role in various school clubs and activities including DECA, Model UN, and the school’s ice hockey team. Tristan has gained leadership experience through positions such as Head of Marketing for HTSMUN, VP of Information Technology in 2020 and VP of Finance in 2021 for Junior Achievement Canada.  Additionally, his 2 years of experience as assistant captain for his hockey club has taught him how to lead by example. As the new head of promotions, Tristan looks to further improve himself by helping USG to grow internationally.

Shaan Soomro

Head of Media  

Shaan Soomro is a grade 12 student at Bill Hogarth Secondary School. At his school, he has participated in several clubs like the equity council, arts club and the book club! He has a lot of passion for video editing, producing music, and graphic design! Shaan has decided to use his passion for video editing to take on the role of Head of Media and is very excited to join USG and work with everyone. 

Academic Team

Esha Dewan

Head of Curriculum  

Esha Dewan is a grade 9 student at Holy Trinity School. Dewan is a member of MUN, Law society club, TEDEd club and has previously led a community debate club. She is a new member of USG and has taken on the role of Head of Curriculum. Esha has a passion for public speaking and has won numerous speaking-related awards. She plans to share her passion with respect to public speaking with others and help members enhance their ability to effectively orally communicate their thoughts and opinions. 

Bowen Lin

Head of Curriculum  

Bowen Lin is a grade 11 student at St.Robert Catholic High School. He participates actively in school through the high school swim team and being a grade representative of the Chaplaincy Council. He has lots of experience in leading through being the Vice President of Information Technology in last year’s Junior Achievement Company Program, and through actively participating in USG and hopes to continue on his venture in leading and teaching.

Lianna Xue

Head of Curriculum 

 Lianna Xue is a grade 11 student at St.Robert Catholic High School. She has a lot of experience in public speaking as she is the co-founder of her school's public speaking club, SpeakYourMind. Outside of school, she enjoys teaching math and english to students here and in China. She hopes to use her experience in public speaking and leadership skills to lead USG. Ultimately, she hopes to impact more younger members of the community

Fiona Shen

Head of Curriculum 

Fiona Shen is a grade 9 student at Havergal College. She has had lots of public speaking experiences involving debate and MUN. Some of her achievements in MUN include best delegate in the 2021 Harvard MUN conference and Outstanding delegate at Oxford MUN 2020. Some debate awards include awards from Georgetown University, Harvard University, and Stanford University. She is the founder of her school’s public speaking club and was part of a debate organization that has hosted debate rounds and debate tournaments. Outside of school, she enjoys playing ice hockey. She hopes to channel her passion into a source of motivation that can help other members of the community to find their voice.