Vocal Confidence Youth started in 2010 as an initiative of ASotH members Joyce Troung and Penny Batey to offer Toastmasters’ eight-week Youth Leadership Program.
Today it is rebuilt as United Speakers Global and offers a full-fledged club serving youth aged 8 to 18 years anywhere in the world. Under the guidance of experienced youth leaders, the club helps young people build communication and leadership skills to carry them through life. Members achieve an increased level of self-confidence while having fun along the way. Youth are invited to visit United Speakers to see how our program works.





Jan 2009

First Youth Leadership





Nov 2019

Jan 2020

Preparation for a New Gavel Club

Vocal Confidence Youth 

Revival of YLP Sessions

Relaunch + Rebrand as United Speakers


A Strong Group of Students Eager to Practice

At United Speakers, we want to build a nourishing environment where students feel comfortable to share ideas. To make this possible, we follow 3 main goals. 

With these 3 goals in mind, to educate, to inspire and to empower, USG ensures that their members are in a safe, and opportunity filled environment. 




To inspire members to speak on topics they care about. Throughout the summer session, we will be exploring speeches ranging from ted talks and toastmaster competitions to speeches by monumental figures like Malala and Martin Luther King. We hope that students will find inspiration from these speeches, and find a topic they are passionate about and can talk about. 

To educate students on how to effectively write and present speeches. Content is definitely important, and with the toastmasters guided enriching curriculum, members will learn a lot about topics ranging from writing a hook, to vocal variety. This goal will be applied during the 20-40 minute lesson during every meeting delivered by a qualified youth leader. 

To empower and develop confidence within students to publicly speak effortlessly. Arguably the most important goal of the 3, we want to ensure that members develop the confidence to present in front of a group of people. Through practice with table topics, improv games, and fun activities, we will work towards a strengthened set of communication skills. 


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